5 Ways to Explore an Open Relationship with Your Partner

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Human beings have never been as experimental as we are right now; we are constantly rewriting relationship laws and dynamics with every passing generation. This is a tricky area to navigate and before you do, there are 5 things you need to consider first.

Be Honest

Having an open and honest conversation with your partner is such a crucial part of exploring an open relationship successfully. It is so important that you are both on the same page with this.

Make sure that this is something you both want before getting other people involved. At the end of the day, an open relationship isn’t just a non-stop orgy – we all have feelings to take into account.

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Decide How To Move Forward

Do you each have another person in mind that you would like to pursue a secondary relationship with or do you need to use a casual dating website like this site, to find your would-be suitors? Being in an open relationship is often more than just sex, and I get that.

Monogamy is hard and often it feels unnatural – aside from penguins and otters; there aren’t many creatures that mate for life successfully. You need to figure out what will work for each of you individually first. That will give you a better idea of how equipped your relationship is to being open.

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