“How I Contracted COVID-19 From My Kids” – UK-Based Actress, Victoria Inyama

At a time when many thought that the coronavirus pandemic was coming to an end, there is now a second wave of the virus in Nigeria, which appears to be more virulent.

Many celebrities and notable personalities, who contracted the virus, have spoken about their ordeals, and a United Kingdom-based actress, Victoria Inyama, has lent her voice to the call for people to take the virus more seriously.

Sharing her experience with Sunday Scoop, Inyama said, “I have learnt how to appreciate every second because life is so fragile. My experience of COVID-19 was sleep paralysis— that feeling of being conscious but unable to move or even speak due to very painful breathing and tightening of the chest. That is the moment when most people (who have the virus) die. It is a bit like choking on one’s air supply.

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“I was still positive as of the time l left the hospital last week. My doctor says l am now dealing with ‘Long COVID’, which is the term used to describe the effects of COVID-19 that continues for weeks or months.  I wish people would be serious with their health. It is important to wear a mask, avoid gatherings, wash hands regularly, and avoid hugging or standing closer than two feet.”

The mental health advocate also revealed that all her children tested positive for the virus. She added, “One of my kids contracted it in school. And, while l was trying to care for each of them, l got it too.

We all tested positive, so l guess they were mentally ready. Our government made the mistake of reopening schools which made this wave of the virus spread so fast from the children to their parents. No amount of precautions could have helped parents like me.
It's an embarrassment being called an actress these days –Victoria Inyama –  Punch Newspapers
I also feel the Nigerian government is not safeguarding the people.  How on earth can a government that claims to be reasonable ‘force’ people to register their mobile phones? That is a process that involves people gathering in large numbers.
Because of this, l don’t blame people who doubt the existence of the virus in Nigeria.”